What Does MAC Cosmetics Stand For

So just what does MAC Cosmetics stand for? Well to start with, the actual name “MAC”, is an acronym for “makeup art cosmetics” and it basically refers to the companies commitment to producing makeup and accessories of the caliber of quality that would be expected by todays professional makeup artist.

What Does MAC Cosmetics Stand For? - The MAC AIDS Fund

However; beyond that, MAC Cosmetics as a company and it's policies stands for much more then just those things. For instance, not too long after the actual company was launched, its two partners created The MAC AIDS fund that to date has raised and distributed tens of millions of dollars to AIDS related charities.

MAC's Kids Helping Kids Addresses the Needs Of Children Affected By AIDS

MAC AIDS charitable endeavours don't end there though. Thats because theres also MAC's Kids Helping Kids program that functions to generate funds to address the needs of children affected by AIDS. Each year a new line of holiday cards are designed and sold by MAC and all of the proceeds from their sale go directly into this program then right back out the door and into local communities programs.

What Does MAC Cosmetics Stand For? - Back To MAC Keeps Plastic Out Of Landfills

Then there is the Back to MAC recycling program that works to keep plastics that the company uses in it's cosmetics packaging from ending up in local landfills. While this program in its self won't solve the problem of recycling all plastics that are used in a community. It does successfully serve as an example that a company can be accountable for the plastics that it uses and still remain profitable.

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