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"Finally Revealed: Olay Regenerist Vs RoC"

The Olay Regenerist Vs RoC is a discussion that has many sites, but this comparison review will try to cover all the ground about these products. Olay Regenerist is a line of anti-aging skincare products. Apart from that, it also helps in repairing skin that has been adversely affected by age. On the other hand, RoC cosmetics is a French anti-aging skincare products company dealing with creams said to make people look even ten years younger than their current age. As people grow older the natural collagen production by the body reduces. This can result in the aging signs such as loose skin, wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes and also dry skin. However, with proper care, all these signs can be removed, hence giving skin a nice younger look. It is very important to ensure that the products used aren't harmful to a person's health.

Olay Regenerist can be used during the day whereas RoC has both day and night creams. There are many different products for both Olay and RoC. All these are dependent on the user's skin type. This is why, before selecting any of the products, skin care consultation by a specialist is highly advisable. There are many reviews on Olay Regenerist Vs RoC. All these give details on the effectiveness of each brand.

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Olay regenerist

Olay regenerist

Customer Reviews About Olay Regenerist

"I bought this as my skin seemed dry, washed out, rough and I hadn't had a facial in years. I'd read a dermatologist say that you don't have to pay boutique prices for boutique expensive skin care because the big companies like Olay spend a lot on research and development--they have big budgets, sell a lot, and their products have to be good. I put this on at night and within a few days my skin was smooth, brighter, not rough and tighter. I hadn't anticipated that last feature. I feel like I'm getting a mini-facial or peel while I sleep. I was thrilled with the results, and am going to buy some more Olay products. I feel like I'm taking good care of my skin without spending a lot of $$$$."

L. M. Keefer

"I have been using this product for about 6 weeks. The results are amazing. No more dark circles under my eyes and the fine lines around my eyes have improved by at least 50%. I noticed an improvement in days. My skin feels tighter and looks brighter. I just can't believe I found something that actually works for a very reasonable price. I don't think you will be dissapointed with this product, I love it. "

L. Caillouet

Olay Regenerist isn't just another anti-ageing cream that focuses only on the face. This product also focuses on the skin of the body. It helps in regenerating the skin and making it appear younger. Most women fail to realize that taking care of their faces only isn't enough. You have to take care of the rest of the body, especially the areas that are visible such as the neck, chest, hands and legs. These areas can easily give away your age if you aren't careful. This is one of the main differences that come up when making a comparison between Olay Regenerist Vs RoC. The latter product deals mainly with the face and the eyes. It helps in getting rid of aging signs around the face. For instance, the RoC multi CORREXION night treatment helps diminish wrinkles. It also helps in making the skin look brighter as well as improving elasticity. The cream also helps in removing dark circles around the eyes and opening up pores to make them look better. This cream is very effective. In just one month, the cream can dramatically reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Olay Regenerist also provides a body wash, which RoC doesn't have. Some of the products from Olay that make up this category include the Ultra moisturizer body wash for hydration potential, quench body wash, and also the age defying body wash. All of these products help in keeping the body skin well moisturized and also reducing the effects of ageing. Depending on the specific product, the results of these body wash can be experienced in between one to five days. These are long term effects, and even though they may appear very fast, this doesn't mean that they will go away equally fast.

Another difference that comes up when comparing between Olay Regenerist Vs RoC is the Olay facial hair removal product. This product comes in handy in getting rid of any facial hairs permanently. RoC is yet to introduce any such products.

Olay Regenerist also helps in making the skin tone look even. This is because skin tone is one of the main indicators of age. If you buy an anti-wrinkle skincare product, but neglect the skin tone, you will not be able to get that fresh young look. In drawing a comparison between Olay Regenerist Vs RoC, this is one of their main similarities. RoC also focuses on the skin tone. When you use RoC multi Corrosion skin-renewing serum, all the brown spots on your face will be removed. This will give your skin a clear even look.

The RoC multi correxion lift, daily anti-gravity moisturizer is another great product assisting in getting rid of the aging signs. This product can be used throughout the day. For night use, the RoC multi correxion lift anti-gravity night cream is ideal. These creams help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, make the skin look firmer, and help the facial contours look more defined. They have the same function as the triple tensing anti-aging creams. Olay Regenerist has a micro-sculpting cream that basically has the same functions. It gives the face a good lift and makes the skin tighter and firmer. This gives the user a generally younger look. In addition, this cream also acts as a facial moisturizer. It keeps the skin looking well moisturized and brighter hence minimizing the occurrence of dry and chapped skin. It also helps to shield the skin from harsh effects of the UV rays.

RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

Customer Reviews About RoC Products

"I'm 32, and the only telling thing about my age are the serious wrinkles on my brow. I decided to try this as it wasn't too expensive (look at Strivectin - ouch!) and thought even a small improvement would be worth the price. I have to say, I'm shocked. After about two weeks, I saw noticeable changes, and it's now been about 6 weeks, and the improvement has been tremendous. The wrinkles on my forehead are almost gone. I'll definitely be purchasing more. Like some of the other reviews, there are areas this shouldn't go, like around the eyes. Be careful about that, as it created a little redness, not bad, but it really dried out my skin and caused flaking, which too about a week to clear up. Again, no problems anywhere else, but in sensitive areas like the eyes, it's potency was obvious, and these areas couldn't take it."

Diesel D

"I must say that I was skeptical about this, but for the low price versus department store cosmetics, figured it was worth a try. Amazingly, it really works quite well and MY WIFE LOVES IT!

After a few weeks, people were commenting that she looked less tired, asked if she had lost weight, been exercising or on vacation. Since it works gradually over a few weeks, you notice a bit of difference yourself, but the people who don't see you that often really notice a dramatic change. Smaller wrinkles are smoothed out and disappear completely, while large ones get smaller.

It won't make a 69 year old look 20, but definitely takes off a decade of wear and tear. "

B. Anderson

In drawing a comparison between Olay Regenerist Vs RoC, another one of their similarities is the eye treatments. In most cases, aging shows around the eyes. This is why RoC has introduced the RoC Multi correxion eye treatment. This cream is used to remove the dark circles around the eyes. It also helps in getting rid of the puffiness. To give the face a younger, fresher look, the cream helps in smoothening out all wrinkles. On the other hand, Olay Regenerist also has an eye lifting serum. This cream is good for all kinds of skin type, even those affected by acne. It doesn't have any fragrance that may harm the skin. The main component is the anti-peptide which helps with the eye-treatments.

RoC also provides a daily generating serum called the skin-renewing serum. This product is used to get rid of the deep wrinkles and also the crow's feet. It also helps in giving the skin an even tone by getting rid of the brown spots. After using the cream for at least a month, you will notice that the skin looks much younger and brighter. This cream also helps to improve the skin texture making it appear and feel much smoother.

Another very effective anti-ageing product is the Olay's total effects. This product helps in the removal of fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, age spots and also noticeable pores. It also helps in getting rid of uneven skin tone and rough skin textures. There are many other products under the total effects Regenerist line, such as the eye treatments, the body wash, the moisturizer plus cooling hydration for maximal hydration potential, and also the night firming cream. There are also the lines and dark circles minimizing brushes that can be used as a quad brow for defining the brow.