Take a closer look at the similarities and differences between Professional Pro X and the Clarisonic Skin Care System...

"A Professional Comparison: Olay Professional Pro X vs Clarisonic"

When comparing Olay Professional Pro X vs Clarisonic, there are a number of similarities and differences that can be identified. One of the main differences is in the key objectives of each product. Clarisonic skin care products are specifically designed for cleansing the skin. This product ensures that the skin is well cleansed—a process that cannot be achieved through manual cleaning as it normally leaves dirt in the pores. This product is also used to remove makeup and in keeping the skin looking fresh and smooth. Clarisonic products help in keeping the skin clean and healthy enough to allow serum and also other creams to be effective. Other functions of this product include reducing oil on the face and clearing blemishes. It also keeps the skin from appearing dry and flaky and minimizes the appearance of pores. This product can also be used on the neck and other parts of the body that require skin care.

Olay Professional Pro X has an advanced system of cleansing and also achieves the same goal of cleansing the skin by helping remove dirt that may be stuck in the pores. This dirt is normally one of the main causes of skin problems.

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Olay Professional Pro X

Olay Professional Pro X

Customer Reviews About Olay Professional Pro-X

"Extremely gentle yet it got my face cleaner than it has ever felt. After reading the other reviews I was skeptical that it would get my face that much cleaner than a rough wash cloth or cleansing pad but it really did. It also felt very nice. I use it two times a day. "


"I'd been tempted by an expensive cleansing system, but decided to try the Olay Pro-X. I love that I can use and leave it in the shower, which makes me more apt to use it on a regular basis. It leaves my 50-year-old skin feeling soft and brightens the complexion. Because I live in an extremely dry climate, it is necessary to exfoliate to allow maximumize my moisturizer. It's small and compact for traveling. Great product! ."


The Reason Behind Fast Ageing Skin: Olay Regenerist vs Pro X

In days of old, ageing skin came as naturally as rain. It was an accepted part of life and as soon as the wrinkles started forming. However, with modernization, ageing of the skin does not necessarily mean that one has really gotten old. The foods we eat as well as the environments we live in cause an inordinate amount of stress on the skin, making it appear to age faster than it naturally should and causing it to develop skin conditions such as acne. This may occur even if one has religiously adhered to a skin care routine that they may be ready to swear by. Some of the environmental factors that largely contribute to this include exposure to the sun and UV rays, as well as pollution in the air from chemicals and dust. Stress is also a major player in the premature or accelerated aging of the skin.

Normally, the skin is in a constant process of renewal. Old skin cells fall off and new cells are churned out to replace the old cells simultaneously. This occurs in tandem with how young the skin is. Therefore, as the skin ages, the process of renewal slows down and natural replacement of new cells occurs much slower. This is how wrinkles begin developing and it is largely due to the lack of adequate skin rejuvenation. In addition, the skin suffers a loss of collagen which means that elasticity in the skin is done away with. When this happens, the flow of hydration in the cells also lags. This creates a situation where the cells become dry and sagging starts to occur.

Clarisonic Classic Sonic Skin Cleansing System



Customer Reviews About the Clarisonic

"I contemplated the cost on this product for along time. I even bought the $30 Olay version first. I like that but needed a larger head for my body so I finally broke down. The body attachment is great for feet, underarms, knees, elbows, bikini area...I use it to exfoliate before I shave and haven't had an ingrown hair since! For the face, you need to use in moderation if you have fair skin. I use once a day. It will definitely improve the quality and texture of your skin and your moisturizers will go on much better after a few uses. You don't realize how a moisturizer is supposed to absorb into your skin until you use this...amazing. I haven't noticed the pores around my nose drastically improving but I never really had a problem with that. I was afraid of breaking out when I first used it as other users have noted...but I didn't have any problem. I use it with a moisturizing cleanser that is not an exfoliant bc that would be too harsh for my skin. I do use a scrub when I use the body attachment. I get a lot of compliments on my glowing skin...and I look refreshed. If you are on the fence...go for it, you wont be sorry "

A. Dave

"Completely changed my skin. Turns out my big skin issues (when not caused by hormones) were caused by not cleaning my skin throughly. Right before I made the investment (and it is one) I washed my face the way I usually do. After I finished it still felt like I had makeup on. I took my fingernail and dragged it down my face and when I looked under my nail it was FILLED with foundation. My skin was covered in gook I couldn't get off.

One week later I use the Clarisonic (a friend had one and raved) and my skin was the cleanest it has ever been. EVER! It also makes the skin feel supple and smooth - I didn't even need face cream afterward. My breakouts have been reduced by about 80%. I wish I'd had this in my 20's. "


Olay Professional Pro X vs Clarisonic: both are very similar when it comes to the cleansing system used. A skin care brush will be used for both Olay Pro X advanced products and Clarisonic. In Olay Professional Pro X, the facial cleansing brush is 2-speed: it has soft bristles and a replaceable brush. This brush is normally sold with an exfoliating cleanser that can be refilled, but in the case of Clarisonic, the brush comes with a rechargeable cleansing system battery and the cleanser. One of the main differences when it comes to the care brush system for the two products is that Olay doesn't have rechargeable batteries, whereas Clarisonic does.

When replacing the brushes for any of the two products, there are many things to be considered. These include the skin type and also the specific type of replacement brush heads. The heads may be available for normal skin, sensitive skin and also delicate skin. They are also available for deep pore cleansing. You will also find special brushes for the body skin cleansing. To ensure that your brush functions well for much longer, you just have to take care of it and make sure that you clean it well with warm water and anti-bacterial soaps. If well taken care of, the brushes can be used for up to 4 months without requiring replacement.

The Clarisonic care brush system uses circular motions to clean the skin. According to most cleansing system reviews, this is the best cleansing technique as it doesn't damage the skin. To use the brush is also very simple since it only takes three easy steps. The first step is to charge the handle. The next step is to wet the skin and apply the cleanser. Thirdly, you use circular motions to clean the skin. It is recommended to only use 20 seconds on the forehead, 20 seconds on the chin and nose, and only ten seconds on the cheeks. This process should be repeated twice each day. Olay Pro X advanced cleansing skin brush also utilizes the circular motions in the skin cleansing.

When between making a comparison between Olay Professional Pro X vs Clarisonic, another difference that normally comes up is the system used. Clarisonic utilizes the sonic oscillation while the one used in Olay is the non-rotating version. This makes the Olay's cleansing much smoother, softer and gentler on the skin. Using this with the refreshing gel cleanser will give your skin a very good feeling. On the other hand, the Clarisonic cleansing is thorough and much more suited for deep pore cleansing.

A non-abrasive cleanser can be used for Clarisonic. Olay Professional Pro X, on the other hand, can be used with normal or dry cleansers.

Although Olay cleansing system is widely known to be effective when it comes to anti-aging creams, it helps in making the creams much more effective by ensuring that the skin is clean. However, Clarisonic also has benefits in this area. This product makes it easy to use the Opal sonic infusion system. This product infuses serum into the skin to get rid of anti-ageing signs. It contains a gentle hydro cleanser that keeps the skin well hydrated and feeling fresh. It also helps the skin look firmer in just two weeks. This infusion also assists in getting rid of dark circles around the eyes and gets rid of puffiness. This skin care system also utilizes the circular motions of application for the best results. The Clarisonic opal sonic product can make the skin look younger and healthier like rhoc Vicki Gulvalson's.

Under the sonic skin cleansing systems, some of the main products being sold include Clarisonic mia, which is smaller in size and has a single button operation and single-speed. There is also the Clarisonic classic, nutra sonic and Clarisonic plus. In the Olay Professional Pro X, some of the products available include the advanced system of cleansing and a variety of anti-aging products.

In comparing Olay Professional Pro X vs Clarisonic, another notable difference is definitely the cost. Clarisonic costs $200 whereas the Olay Professional Pro X only costs $29.99.This is a big difference, and one that many argue is unjustifiable. The two products work the same way and have the same results. This makes it hard for people to select Clarisonic over Olay. However, people who started by using the sonic skin cleansing systems seem very satisfied and therefore reluctant to select the much cheaper option.

According to many comparisons of Olay Professional Pro X vs Clarisonic, some of the advantages that Olay has over Clarisonic include the use of the oscillating motions, ease of use, and the brush head is much more easier to maneuver. The bristles are brittle, but this helps effectiveness skin care. It is also compact and efficient at the same time, rather like an Oluem concrete stain kit that has everything in just a small package. It is also much easier to clean up after than the Clarisonic. On the other hand, Clarisonic has a few advantages over Olay. One of the main advantages is that it doesn't have any issues when it comes to the batteries. It is waterproof and it works with a timer that will help you avoid harming your skin by overworking it. There is also a wider brush option for different skin types. For instance, people with acne can use the delicate or sensitive brush to avoid damaging the skin further.