MAC Train Case

Are you an avid lover of MAC products, or a makeup professional that has to carry their kit around from location to location? We feel your pain, which is why MAC has developed their complete MAC Train Case. Designed to offer the greatest functionality, along with a classic look that the brand is well known for.

This isn't your every day carrying case. Rather than sacrificing style for size, the MAC train case is a thin, but spacious, bag that will allow you to have everything in it's place, and look good while doing it. It's dimensions are 11.5" x 10.5" x 6", so it is easy to carry, lightweight, and flexible.

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But the most impressive feature by far is that the MAC Train Case is custom-made. This allows you to have a specific area for all tools, cosmetics, and even a few areas for extras from outside of the official line. It is an added level of convenience that you can't get anywhere else, no matter how much money you spend.

In the end, the MAC Train Case is one of the best carrying cases on the market, and priced for affordability. Don't make the mistake of buying anything else. This bag is all you will ever need.