MAC Mineralize

There is a serious problem with makeup these days. The oils that are used to give them their rich colors and staying power have a tendency to dry out the skin, or clog the pores. For this reason many have either decided to stay away from certain makeup types, or to deal with the consequences of using it.

But more labels have been adding in extra micro-minerals to both provide a smoothing effect, while nourishing the skin and offering a breathable type of makeup. MAC Mineralize is a product line that promises to do this.

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From the always reliable, professional brand of MAC, you know that you can expect high quality, and authentic micro-minerals. This will help to improve and protect your skin which you wear it. Available in foundation with SPF 40, or in eyeshadow, you can keep your skin healthy in two of the places where it is needed most.

You will also enjoy the benefits of the reflecting effect that the micro-minerals creates. you will get a smoothing shine that looks both natural, and elegant. It will also work to enhance your natural features, such as around your cheekbones, and the eyes in the case of the eyeshadow.