MAC Cosmetics Training Book – Learn All Thats Available

If you're one of the many people who dare to dream of becoming a well paid and highly sought after professional makeup artist than a good place to start would be with MAC Cosmetics. Of course this is where the MAC Cosmetics training book comes in handy but what you may not be aware of, is that Mac Cosmetics has literally reams of instructional and training material available, if you're truly interested.

Far More Than What You May Have Expected

A skilled professional makeup artist works his magic on a model in LA

A skilled professional makeup artist works his magic on a model in LA

The words “truly interested in” apply so well here, because it will take substantially more than a passing interest to get through the entire conglomeration that begins with the 544 page, 2008 version, MAC Product Knowledge and Training Ebook. Then there are the MAC Lessons for Skin Care and Preparation, Character Makeup and Special Effects Master Class and the Bridal MAC Master Class Ebooks.

Complete and Inclusive Subject Matter Applicable to All Skin Colors

These fully printable Ebooks and CDs are now universally recognized in the cosmetics, entertainment and modeling industry as the last word on the subject of markup artistry. They consist of literally thousand of pages that delve into a veritable cornucopia of subject matter applicable to all races and ethnicities including Hispanic, Asian, African American, Indian, Caucasian and Native American.

And you thought that theatrical makeup artists only worked on beautiful people

And you thought that theatrical makeup artists only worked on beautiful people

17 Amazing Specific Topic Short Ebooks

They emphasize and focus heavily on subject matter such as eyes, skin, contouring and shadowing techniques, color theory and the list of topics that are covered just goes on and on and on. But there is more to it than that! So much more in fact, because MAC cosmetics also has what seems like an almost endless list of short Ebooks that focus on specific topics. In fact here are 17 in all!

Each a Crash Course On a Specific Aspect of the Art

They have titles like: How to Apply Makeup for Photographs, Achieving a Natural Look with Your Makeup, M-A-C In Mode (Cheeks, eyes, lips), 10 Easy Steps for Applying Flawless Makeup, The Ultimate Prom Makeup Guide, MAC Catherine Deneuve - Colour (A Rose, Sable, Sharp Beige, Strawberry Blonde), MAC Bridal Looks, How to Clean Makeup Brushes etc,etc,etc!

The MAC Cosmetics Training Book and So Much More

World famous Hollywood makeup artist Billy B

World famous Hollywood makeup artist Billy B

Okay! So now your thinking that this has got to be the sum total of all thats available from MAC Cosmetics in the way of instruction and training material for the up and coming aspiring artist.... Wrong! Would you believe that theres also a list of some 20 MAC cosmetics videos that are also available? Don't worry about deciding which ones to select out either, because they all come as a whole set. These are premium videos that are just as educational as they are entertaining.

Just a Short Smattering Of the Titles and Subject Matter

This eclectic assortment of videos thats often included with the entire MAC Cosmetics Training Book compilation features titles like: How To Apply Bronzer, How To Apply Lipstick To Mature Lips, How To Create a 60s Look, How To Apply Foundation To Dark Skin, How To Use and Apply Fake Eyelashes, How To Conceal Bags Under Eyes, How To Create a Natural Daytime Look, How To Apply Pencil Eyeliner and the list goes on and on to include all twenty.

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