Discontinued MAC Makeup – Get the Facts Before You Shop

It's just a part of any marketing and that is that from time to time, products are going to be discontinued. It's just a real bummer though when you find that a product that you've made a part of your everyday routine is going to be unavailable. However; the good news regarding discontinued MAC Makeup, is that you will still have a chance to stock up before it's completely gone for good.

The Goodbye Page On Their Site For Discontinued MAC Makeup

You see MAC Cosmetics is one of the few companies out there that isn't brutal with their customers when they discontinue a product. In fact they even have a page on their home site called their “Goodbye” section that deals entirely with discontinued MAC Makeup. What this means, is that for the most part if you really want to find something thats no longer being made by them, you can find a way.

Check It Out! - They Even Have a Toll Free Number You Can Call

Also, believe it or not MAC even has a special number you can call to speak with a genuine “Gone But Not Forgotten Representative. The number is 1-800-216-7173 and as you can see, it's even toll free! So you can see that when it comes to discontinued MAC Makeup, this is one company that truly does go out of its way to make sure that none of their customers are left out in the cold.t

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