Bio-Oil or Mederma? Let's find out...

"Pros and Cons of Bio-Oil vs Mederma"

This article talks about Bio-Oil vs Mederma and how they both can help eliminate uneven skin tone as well as sketch marks. The real question behind it all is which one is better? So let's begin with some basic information about these issues so we all understand the matter clearer.

An uneven skin tone is probably one of the worst nightmares of women. Desperation to correct this may lead one down treacherous paths in search for the elusive and perfect solution to even out one's skin tone. This sort of desperation is most likely the reason why skin care manufacturers are being driven to come up with new products every waking day so as to meet the demand for products that can correct this condition.

However, before delving into the various products which deal with uneven skin tones, it is important to understand the causes of an uneven skin tone to help you choose between the numerous products on the market that promise everything under the sun.

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Bio Oil

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Customer Reviews About Bio-Oil

"Heck not every product out there is a miracle worker, I am sure very few give overnight results. I began using this product every single day about two months ago and it works WONDERS. First you can use it for stretch marks but with a 2 oz. bottle I would stick with small areas. Then you can use it for scars and to moisturize your face and neck, ladies! You must follow the instructions even though they are pretty simple. If I am using this for acne scars, skin discolorations (sun exposure), uneven skin tone I apply either over makeup (may not be recommended as this could remove your makeup)and on a freshly washed face. I use the lengths of my fingers not fingertips since they produce the oils that could cause you breakouts from YES touching your face. I rub into the affected area or scar (even works on cystic acne scars) atleast two to three times a day when I am able to. But if not I do this at night before going to bed. Be patient and wait one to two weeks before you notice a big difference as the scar gets lighter your face appears to be glowing and skin discolorations slowly fade. Keep on it atleast everyday and if you want faster results like I did then rub this oil into the area two to three times a day. I am glad I bought this and one bottle lasted me over two months and I used it everyday! Give this product a try, be patient, follow the directions and you may not be disappointed. "

A. Roberts

"I had a mole removed in and I was looking for a product to help with the scaring. I was using a different scar treatment but it didn't seem to be working as well as I had hoped. My sister had great results with bio oil. I couldn't believe how quickly her scar had started to fade away. I decided to purchase this product in hopes that it would work as well as it had for my sister. I've had the bio oil for about a week now, and I can't believe how much lighter my scar has gotten in such a short amount of time. This product goes a long way and should last you a long time depending on how big your scar is. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is struggling with scars. It's truly a wonderful product and well worth the money. "


Melanin Is The Culprit: Bio-Oil vs Mederma

An uneven skin tone is often the result of melanin building up in the skin irregularly, as well as a failure of sebum production. When levels of melanin build up unevenly, it might not be noticed straight away. However, after a considerable period of exposure to the sun, this build up causes the skin to acquire a darker shade. Therefore, in places where melanin has accumulated inadequately, a lighter tone will manifest itself compared to areas where there was normal distribution of the pigment. Thus these areas appear darker. The other cause of uneven skin tone is where sebum production is less than adequate and dead cells band together for a longer time on the surface of the skin, thus creating the appearance of an uneven skin tone.

Yet another nightmare that most women face is that of dealing with stretch marks. Stretch marks are a sort of scarring which occur in the layer of the skin known as the dermis are caused when the elastic fibers of the skin are annihilated. This annihilation most often occurs due to the stretching of the skin beyond breaking point during hormonal fluctuations and weight gain in pregnancy. These marks are often considered embarrassing and there is a whole range of skin range products devoted to eradicating these lesions and regain the appearance of smooth youthful skin.

Mederma Skin Care for Scars


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Customer Reviews Mederma

"Two and a half months ago, I had a mole removed from my upper lipline. Removal involved a vertical incision and six stiches. A few days after the stitches were removed, I started applying Mederma 2 to 3 times per day. I've used it for just over two months now. The scar color has really faded (it can easily be covered with make up now). The scar tissue is now barely raised and is flexible. I will continue to use it and feel pretty confident that the scar will eventually be nearly invisible.

I plan to try Mederma on some older scars and am hoping for good results.


NOTE: I have extremely sensitive skin and did not find this product at all irritating. "


"This product absolutely works! I don't really have a huge problem with blemishes, but over the years I've had a few that left marks on my chin, some old, some new. Within a week of using this, I'm already noticing a difference in the scars, the color has lightened, and they're getting smaller. Definitely recommend it. "


Dealing With Stretch Marks

There are products designed to specifically deal with stretch marks, including revitol stretch mark cream, which is a preventive stretch mark cream that aids in halting the development of stretch marks. Another is celtrixa stretch cream, formulated with the aim of lessening the unsightly appearance of stretch marks so that they blend with the skin. A chemical component known as hyaluronic acid is also used to rejuvenate skin and give it the impression of rejuvenation. Amongst other things, this component is touted to prevent the occurrence and formation of scars as well as keeping joints comfortable and flexible. It also encourages water retention in body cells, a fact which is extremely advantageous in moisture retention for the skin since it traps moisture between the collagen and elastin. However, two of the most renowned and successful products that are designed to deal with these problems are Bio-Oil and Mederma. Both products have their fair share of devoted users, and here we shall try to pit them against each other in a Bio-Oil vs Mederma analysis.

Bio-Oil is a supposed wonder product which is considered to be the perfect cure for eliminating scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone issues. In addition, it is designed to ameliorate the outlook of dehydrated skin and banish unsightly acne scars. It is formulated from a combination of natural oils that includes vitamin A and E. Another ingredient that is found in Bio-Oil is chamomile extract, which is reputed for its soothing prowess.

Principal Ingredients

The principal ingredient in Bio-Oil is a mineral oil that is known as PurCellin Oil. This ingredient is so spectacular because while preventing a situation where the skin dries out, it is completely non-greasy. This is the reason why Bio-Oil has a very rich texture which feels great on dry skin. However, even for a product with such a wonderful list of ingredients, a number of concerns arise from its use. First of all, in several studies done, it has come out that people who had sensitive skin and used the product experienced some irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Also, this particular product promises heaven and earth when it comes to getting rid of blemishes and stretch marks. However, it is a scientifically proven fact that scars such as these can only be surgically removed. The most that a skin care product like Bio-Oil can do is to even out the skin tone and improve the appearance of such blemishes and scars. Moreover, for a few users who had an acne severity that could be described as moderately severe, Bio-Oil failed to affect it. According to their Bio-Oil reviews, all it did was fade old scars by evening out the skin tone.

On the other scope of this analysis of Bio-Oil vs Mederma, is Mederma. Mederma is an equally renowned product whose claim to fame is its promise to considerably ameliorate the manifestation of disfigurements and stretch marks. Its wonder constituent is an onion extract that is well-known as allium cepa, which is the basis of the gel called Mederma. Mederma is extensively used in scar treatments. Many a review raves that it actually works in improving how scars appear and in lightening dark red marks that may have resulted from picking at acne scars with an appearance of brown spots. The key source of dissatisfaction arising from the use of Mederma was that it may cause itching for some skin types and its required application of three to four times a day is too inconvenient. Just like Bio-Oil, Mederma has the added advantage of controlling oiliness on the skin while preventing the skin especially the face from getting too dry.

In considering the question of Bio-Oil vs Mederma, it is important to be aware of your skin type and the chemical ingredients to which you might have an adverse reaction to. The extent of your scarring or skin imperfections must also be taken into consideration before deciding on the ideal product between Bio-Oil vs Mederma.